How do they work?
Hair Extensions are a brilliant way to add volume, length and thickness. they are also a great alternative in placement of coloring or highlighting the hair. they are attached to the client’s hair shaft using both heat & cold fusion bonding technology. Individual pieces of hair are attached to the client’s hair are made from keratin-protein and contain NO glue, resin, plastic or adhesive and are therefore non-damaging to your hair.


Are they permanent?
These extensions are permanent and are simply maintained by visits to the salon every 4-6 weeks to have them adjusted.


How long do they last?
Hair extensions can be used for at least a year and possibly more if cared for properly. Many hair extension companies require new hair for each adjustment but Hair extensions can be used over and over again.


Are they real hair?

Yes they are 100% human hair .


How much do they cost?
The price range varies depending on desired look. Extension services for volume only range from $150-$600. Extension services for length and volume range from $800-$1600. More precise pricing can be determined during a complimentary consultation in order to appropriately price each individual client. consultations are free of charge, but appointments are recommended.


How are they maintained?
Hair Extensions need maintenance every 4-6 weeks. This maintenance keeps natural hair and extensions in the best possible condition.
All extensions are priced upon consultation